All About Me

About MeGrowing up as a coal miner’s daughter in the Hills of West Virginia, I have lived and witnessed a number of changes in the United States that has helped me to end up being an extremely successful and enthusiastic business lady. My dad worked hard for 30 years in the mines, I am no unfamiliar person to hard work and the benefits which originate from it.

As one would expect from numerous households staying in the late 1940s, our home was not one filled full of the luxuries which we had actually become accustomed to today. With only  one community telephone line at our disposal and the use of tin baths tubs prior to the family having the ability to afford a ceramic tub, our home resembled numerous throughout West Virginia that were having a hard time due to workers not being able to work on regular bases or weeks because of the conditions of mining in West Virginia.

I dedicated myself to discovering as much as possible about life as possible.

While living in Washington, DC I met an associate who altered my business career permanently. In 2000, I was introduced to a brand-new form of business which was taking the company world by storm. This was my introduction to Network marketing. Although unaware of what this kind of marketing required, I ended up being so intrigued and excited about this side of marketing that I chose to start a course which would offer me with essential understanding on the procedure it required.

Now, I am using my comprehensive knowledge to assist other company owner do well, teaching them about as much as date and relevant strategies which are usual within today’s attractive marketing  methods, consisting of affiliate advertising and internet marketing.


I attended West Virginia State College where I earned a Bachelor Degree in Education.  After
teaching for many years I pursued and obtained a Master’s Degree in Counselling from the Bowie State College.

Taught School for 35 Years in the Prince George’s  Counties Schools

Location: Washington, DC  | 240-304-5768 |